Tips to Help You Make the Most of Your Gym Membership

Many people spend hundreds of dollars each month to join their neighborhood gym, yet they hardly ever get there. If you’re looking to take advantage of your membership and enjoy the physical and mental benefits that come with working out regularly, try these five tips to help you make the most of your time at the gym.

1) Invest in a Good Pair of Shoes

A simple investment in a nice pair of shoes can have a major impact on how your feet feel after spending a lot of time at the gym. Shoes with padding and arch support can offer more comfort while you’re exercising or just walking around. If you don’t want to buy new shoes, try using an insert for cushioning and support, like Dr. Scholl’s® Custom Fit Orthotic Inserts

2) Get a Gym Bag

When it comes time for your first gym session, don’t forget to pack a gym bag. These are some essentials that you’ll want on hand:
– Water Bottle: Hydration is key at the gym, so make sure you have a water bottle with you!
– Towel and Clean Clothes: If you’re going to sweat it out, make sure you’re prepared with a towel and clean clothes. After working up a good sweat, be sure to take a shower in the locker room before heading back home. Bring snacks too! A little something to eat post-workout will help you refuel. And if there’s something specific that your body needs post-workout, like protein or carbs, bring them along as well!

3) Join a Class

Joining a class at the gym is a terrific way to get more use out of your subscription. Classes will help you meet new people and learn about new types of exercise, all while taking up much less time than it would take you if you were exercising on your own.
If you are looking for classes that focus on one thing in particular, such as weight loss or improving cardiovascular fitness, try browsing through the online schedule. Many gyms also offer online registration so that you can sign up from home and never miss a class.

4) Set a Schedule

-Set a schedule and stick with it.
-Find a workout routine that is good for you, don’t copy someone else’s routine because it might not be good for you.
-Join a gym that is close to your house so that you can go there easily and won’t have an excuse not to go.
-Try out different classes at your gym or take a fitness class outside of the gym. -Eat healthy before going to the gym in order to maximize the results.
-Stay hydrated when exercising by drinking plenty of water and/or sports drinks during your workout. -Don’t over train your muscles. Rest them between workouts to allow them time to heal and rebuild muscle tissue.
-Listen to what your body tells you about how much exercise you should do each day. If you’re feeling sore after a workout, then rest up until the soreness goes away before working out again.
-You should also follow these guidelines if you are pregnant as this will help protect both mother and child from injury.

5) Take Some Advantage of the Amenities

To get the most out of your gym membership, you need to make a plan and follow it. Here are some tips for how to do that:
1) Use all the equipment available. This includes weights, machines, cardio equipment, and anything else you can find.
2) Change things up regularly. Try new exercises or modify your routines as often as possible so you don’t get bored with them too quickly.
3) Schedule time every day for working out – whether it’s before work, during lunch break, or at night after dinner – try not to skip days unless absolutely necessary.
4) Keep track of your progress so you can see what is working and what isn’t over time.

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