Paige Spiranac’s perfect revenge after death threat from fan

Paige Spiranac isn’t letting death threats from fans get her down, instead cashing in on the shocking comments.

The golfer recently revealed that she’d received a death threat from a fan after making controversial remarks about male players who use pushcarts.

Spiranac made the revelation after saying male golfers who use pushcarts rather than carrying their bags are ‘bitches’.

“I have been getting so many DMs from very angry men about the fact that I called them a ‘bitch’ for using a pushcart,” she said on her ‘Playing A Round’ podcast.

“I just thought it was the funniest thing because the only guys who were getting upset about me calling them a ‘bitch’ were the ‘bitches’ who use pushcarts.”

She then took to Twitter to reveal she’d been threatened.

“Pushcart mafia rolls deep. Literally,” she tweeted.

But in the perfect act of revenge, Spiranac is using the death threats to make money.

The American recently took to social media to show off a range of T-shirts she’s selling – all with references to her pushcart comments.

The shirts feature slogans such as “Stay Strapped”, “Push It” and “Mama Didn’t Raise No B—h” and cost between $25 and $27.

Spiranac almost makes X-Rated Tom Brady bet

Meanwhile, Spiranac has also admitted to narrowly avoiding a very embarrassing mishap during Tom Brady’s poor showing during ‘The Match’ last week.

Among the many fans stunned to see Brady struggling so mightily on the golf course was Spiranac, so much so that she thought about putting a little bet on the line.

Through the first six holes at the Medalist Golf Club, Brady’s shots were all over the place, he was constantly in the trees and looked visibly frustrated.

Sports fans not used to seeing Brady so flustered had plenty of jokes – and Spiranac was among them.

The former pro golfer tweeted that she very nearly offered to get an ‘Only Fans’ account (a very X-rated site) if Brady made a par.

Luckily for Spiranac she didn’t because Brady then proceeded to hole out on the seventh fairway for a brilliant birdie.

“Thank God I didn’t do that,” Spiranac tweeted.

Brooks Koepka wasn’t as lucky as Spiranac, forking out $100,000 after betting Brady wouldn’t make a par.

However the bet was all for a good cause as the money went to charity.

Brady may have delivered the shot of the match but Tiger Woods earned a measure of revenge against Phil Mickelson as he teamed with Peyton Manning to win “The Match: Champions for Charity”.

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