Paige Spiranac’s brutal response to epic Bryson DeChambeau fail

Social media star Paige Spiranac has continued her digs at golf-hulk Bryson DeChambeau after posting a video of a failed shot at The Players Championship.

Spiranac was also enjoying in DeChambeau’s battle with Lee Westwood at the Arnold Palmer Insurance Invitation last week, which the big-hitting American won.

But he Instagram sensation took aim at DeChambeau and labelled him “disingenuous” and “annoying” after accusing him of name-dropping in the victory speech.

And she has now reacted to a failed drive from DeChambeau this week.

DeChambeau may be the biggest hitting golfer on the tour, but he isn’t immune to a horror shot.

And Spiranac reminded her followers of just that.

She posted a video of the 27-year-old American topping a shot off the tee at The Players Championship.

“I get so much joy from watching the best in the world hit hacker shots just like us,” she wrote on Twitter.

Many of her followers agreed having shared the frustrations of golf.

Spiranac calls out DeChambeau

Spiranac has never been silent about her thoughts on DeChambeau on the tour.

Back in 2020, Spiranac slammed the 27-year-old American for a meltdown was captured in a meltdown at the Memorial Tournament.

The hulking American was involved in a heated discussion with officials and labelled one ruling ‘garbage’.

Spiranac hit out at DeChambeau afterwards.

“I used to be a big Bryson fan. I was all in on Bryson … I thought he was doing things that were different, innovative and he is who he is, and I respect that,” he said on her latest Playing-A-Round podcast.

“But in the last few weeks it’s been really hard to be a Bryson fan. He’s crossed that line from being different to being a d**k.”

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