‘My Mom Wouldn’t Give…’: Sexiest Woman Paige Spiranac Once Publicly Revealed the ‘Embarrassing’ Snack Her Mom Would Prepare

Playing on a golf course is never easy. Even walking can make one exhausted, and professionals have to walk and play 18 holes per round while competing in a tournament. Hence, eating snacks is a must. And even the Colorado native Paige Spiranac has her favorite set of snacks to eat on a golf course. However, it is highly debatable whether anyone else would find it good at all.

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The golf influencer’s mom had a special recipe while preparing the baby food for her teenage daughter

Paige Spiranac was an active golfer when she was an amateur. Hence, she explained that her mother would prepare baby food for her daughter whenever the golfer competed in an event until she turned 18.

“They had these little meat sausages,” Spiranac explained. “They were like turkey or chicken, and it basically looked like a Vienna sausage.” Furthermore, she added, “there were no preservatives… my mum would never give me anything that was bad.”

As the most followed golfer on Instagram, Spiranac is considered one of the most influential entities in the golfing world. Although she quit playing the sport professionally years ago, people still follow her style in golf through her YouTube tutorials. They also look up to her to see how she maintains her body fit and flawless. Nevertheless, there are some things that none of her followers would want to imitate from her, and her choice of snacks while playing golf is one of them.

What does Paige Spiranac eat on a golf course to keep her healthy?
Spiranac is a well-known internet personality. Hence, one would expect her to follow her dietician’s chart always to keep her body fit. However, such was not the case with the 29-year-old. According to, Spiranac revealed what she eats while playing golf through her ‘Playing a Round with Paige Renee’ podcast in 2020. “My mum would not give me sandwiches on the golf course because of the bread and carbs.”

Notably, she began with an acceptable answer and revealed that her mother is in charge of keeping Maxim’s Sexiest Woman Alive’s body intact. However, everything changed once she started naming her favorite snack. “Oh my god, this is so embarrassing…” Spiranac disclosed, “I would have baby food.”

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