“I have so many dreams” – Roger Federer opens up about his family

The entire world will soon witness the first Grand Slam of 2021, the Australian Open. However, unfortunately, the Swiss tennis ace Roger Federer will not be competing.

This is the first time in 23 years that the Swiss phenom has pulled out from the Melbourne Slam. The reason for this decision was his failure to fully recover in time to gain match fitness following the two surgeries on his knee in 2020. He didn’t feel that his fitness was up to the mark and hence withdrew from the Australian Open.

Now, it has been nearly 13 months since Roger last stepped onto the court and he would definitely want to return as soon as possible, but he is not willing to put his body at risk in the process.

“I want to be able to go skiing with the children and with Mirka. Or go hiking, play basketball or start ice hockey – I still have so many dreams. For that, I need a good body and I don’t want to hit it against the wall,” said Federer in a recent interview.

Will Roger Federer be back?

Roger announced his withdrawal from the Australian Open, which made everyone ask the question: when will he return? Recently, news spread that Federer would return at the ATP 250 in Doha. Talking about this news, he said, “I wanted to make my comeback at a smaller tournament so that I wasn’t fully in focus and where the stress is also a little less.“

After this event, the Swiss Maestro is bound to have plans on playing the other Grand Slam events and also take part in the 2021 Olympics. It might be tough for him to win in them as he is reaching 40 this year. However, one can never count a 20-time title winner from surprising everybody.


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