Welcome to PrimesHubs Blog – Your Gateway to improving yourself Majorly in Python Programming!

We cover Niches on Python Library “Modules”, Python Projects, Free Courses, Source Codes e.t.c.

Our Mission

Learning programming language isn’t a day work, we will help you with all the online tools needed for you to grow yourself in a simple programming.

We explained in details each of the Modules in the python programming language, and relate it with python projects. We look forward to you in improving yourself with these free courses.

What We Offer

As said before, we offer majorly the free python tools needed to start a project, some of the tools are listed below:

          A.  Python Library

i. Time

ii. Webbrowser

                iii. Pyttsx3

                iv. Kivy

               v. kivymd

               vi. pillow etc.

         B.  Python Projects

                i. Text To Speech

                ii. Calculator

                iii. Chatbot

                iv. Youtube Downloader

                v. Login Page

                vi. Url Opener etc.

Though there are many other tools, but we will always send more updates

For more information kindly contact us.



The PrimesHubs Team

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